Executive Protection

Executive Protection Specialists are considered the highest standard in personal security. Agents assigned to this unit utilize proven methods in accordance with U.S. Secret Service principles and best practices. Our disciplined agents receive training in skills such as conducting thorough advance operations, security site surveys, security planning and coordination, defensive driving, martial arts, close quarters firearms training and basic life support (BLS).

All of our Executive Protection Specialists are either current or former law enforcement officers recruited from the ranks of local, state and federal agencies. Each agent is schooled and trained in the latest tactics utilized by top executive protection agencies from around the world; which ensures that our clients get the most capable security professionals available.

We believe that there is a difference between a bouncer-like bodyguard and an Executive Protection Specialist. Each has their place in the role of providing protection. However, a bouncer-like bodyguard could probably get you out of a present difficult situation, where an executive protection specialist would never allow you to get caught in that situation in the first place. Executive Protection Specialists are meticulous planners and their attention to detail and planning techniques are extraordinary. Their skills in identifying potentialy risky situations and setting up contingency plans surpass that of your everyday bouncer-like bodyguard that have little or no training.

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