Workers Compensation Fraud

A large percentage of workers’ compensation claims are fraudulent. Each year, businesses lose over $70 billion dollars to workers’ compensation fraud. Pentagon can assist your company with trained investigators capable of handling AOE/COE investigations, Sub Rosa investigations, Activity Checks, and Dependency cases. We respond to “rush” cases quickly and believe that keeping the client constantly informed and updated is essential. Pentagon is committed to providing exceptional service and uncovering fraudulent claims, thereby, reducing costs and improving your profits.

Our seasoned surveillance investigators have had years of experience in the art of covert vehicle and foot surveillance tactics. We also train our investigators in the latest and most effective discreet pretext measures, paying close attention to the latest laws and regulations so as not to jeopardize your liability in the investigation. Our 24-Hour Communications Center allows investigators the ability to contact office personnel to assist at a moments notice. Our field agents also have the ability to run Department of Motor Vehicles database information in order to confirm they have the right claimant vehicle and/or the right claimant location during the investigation. Each investigation is meticulously planned and carried out affording our clients with the best quality product in the business.

Allow Pentagon to be your investigative arm in these matters. We have been conducting workers’ compensation investigations for years and have proven our ability to provide quality videotaped evidence and interview reports that have made an astounding impact for our independent and insurance carrier clients.

Most cases, depending on the volume provided by the client, should have a 7-14 day turnaround time or less. Our Case Management System (CMS) will incorporate the following:

  • Case Intake
  • Pre-Surveillance Database Searches
  • Case Assignment
  • Case Investigation
  • Case Manager Review (report and videotape)
  • Final Report Draft
  • Case Manager Review-Final Review
  • Video Intake and Review
  • Submission of report to client

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