Our investigators have extensive training in both mobile and foot surveillance. They also have technical training in order to use the most recent equipment available today to ensure the capture of accurate information including 35mm cameras, 8mm video and covert cameras.

Investigators assigned to surveillance cases have years of experience in the area of both foot and vehicle surveillance. Most of the investigators assigned to this unit are either prior military intelligence or special law enforcement intelligence trained agents who possess the experience and skill in order to accomplish this sometimes-difficult task.

The art of successful surveillance is accomplished by utilizing highly trained personnel with trusted and tested tactics and techniques. Don’t allow yourself to be compromised by an investigative agency that seldom handles this type of service. It is in your best interest to do your due diligence in this area to make sure you are getting the right company with the right qualifications to handle this specific service. Pentagon has a long list of satisfied clients and we would be happy to give you references so you can see the difference we can make.

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