Pre-Employment Screening

These days, businesses realize the need for quality pre-employment screening services. Pre-employment screening can help prevent the hiring of potential problem employees. It can also assist in selecting the best and most qualified applicant for any position. Our ability to get the most accurate up to date information on the applicants we investigate is why our clients continue to utilize Pentagon for their pre-employment screening. For example, some background investigation companies utilize a database search provider for Criminal History, which is seldom updated and unreliable. Pentagon sends investigators to the actual county court and provides up to date information on the person in question. Our Criminal History retrieval system utilizes on-site verifications and can be completed in every county of the United States. Most of our Pre-Employment Screening Reports include but are not limited to:

  • Criminal Records Check
  • Professional Licenses/Certificates
  • Employment / Education Verification
  • Personal Credit Reports
  • Driving History Reports
  • Personal References
  • Social Security Number Verification
  • Civil History
  • Due Diligence Activities
  • Behavior Assessment

We have all the forms necessary to provide you with everything you need to initiate your own FCRA compliant Pre Employment Screening program. Our turnaround times for fully completed reports are extremely quick. Our criminal history updates can be sent out within 2-3 days of the initial request.

In order to join our long list of satisfied clients, please call our offices at (949) 544-4661 and receive your own secure Login ID and Password. Once in our system, you can utilize the full spectrum of our online system. You can also go online at anytime and see how the screening is coming along. Our system also includes instant email updates to your designated contact person to advise them of completed information that they can download at their convenience (i.e. Criminal History Updates, Credit Reports or fully completed reports).

Here is a sample Authorization / Release form that we can create for your company ( view sample ). For a customized Authorization / Release form with your company name, please contact our offices.

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Pre-Employment Screening

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