Private Investigations

In the area of Private Investigations, we have consistently provided useful information to our clients for their use in a number of situations. The art of conducting successful private investigation is the ability to remain non-biased and to disseminate quality information. Our investigators aggressively utilize all legal, ethical and moral tools necessary to gain the information you need.

In the light of so many unscrupulous and unethical private investigators that have been shown in the media recently, the area of private investigations has been cast in a very unattractive light. Pentagon Protective and Investigative Services Inc. maintains the highest standards when it comes to providing quality fact-finding information.

Pentagon can assist in all areas of private investigations including but not limited to:

  • Surveillance
  • Background Investigations
  • Public Records Retrieval
  • Stalking Investigation
  • Neighbor Disputes – Evidence gathering
  • Covert Surveillance cameras (i.e. nanny cam)
  • Family Law matters (Divorce, Child Custody, Dependency cases)

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