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Pentagon Executive Protection Services is the premier source for your security needs.  From professional executive security to protection management covering the areas of logistics and implementation, our team of professionals are fully trained to handle physical emergencies and to protect you, your family and assets. We are confident and proud of the quality of service and our unmatched attention to detail.

How will Pentagon Executive Protection Services determine my potential risk level?

Our team will discuss risk factors you are concerned about and we will advise on additional concerns we see in order to determine what risk level you have.  Our team will work with you and give you confidence so you can get back to the priorities in your life.   

How many Executive Protection agents do I need?

The number of Executive Protection agents depends on a lot of factors, one of which is the determined risk factor we discuss with you that we have determined.  The amount of agents depends on you.  We know that budget is a concern and we do our utmost best to give you the reasons and risk factors involved in our assessment so you can make an informed decision.   

Who can I expect to get as an agent?

You can expect to get a very mature and liability conscious agent who has been hand-picked and trained to work in this field type.  Most agents are former military or active/former police officers trained in Executive Protection tactics including Firearms, Martial Arts, Defensive Driving, Advance Site Assessments/Logistics, Security Placement Choreography, Basic and Advanced Life Support, Intelligence gathering and Counter Surveillance .  We also train our agents to read environments and people with systems only available to the Secret Service and other top protective agencies; the 5 Channels of Communication (Facial Expression, Body language, Voice, Verbal Style and Statement Analysis). 

What types of Executive Protection do you handle?

  • Event Security

  • Personal Security

  • Celebrity Security

  • Religious Facility Security

  • Personal Protection Security

  • Retail security

  • Warehouse security

How do I pay?

We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards for payments, which are on file after you create your personal or business profile. That said, you won’t get charged until after the booking is completed unless you’re a corporation or client that needs a more long term account.   Cancelations are approved up to 24 hours before the booking.

Can I customize my Executive Protection agent?

Yes.  Our key goal is to blend into the environment you already have.  After our consultation, we will discuss all the needs you have.  You can also choose a male or female agent.  We will do our best to accommodate whatever you need in order to provide you with the best agent that you will be happy with.

Are your agents employees or 1099’s?

We have a mix of agents in order to fulfill your requests. Most of our agents are employees (W-2) and are covered by our insurance (General Liability, Workers Compensation).  Some more specific specialty agents are 1099’s based on their expertise.  We will discuss any concerns you may have and work with you to implement the best plan for success.


Our team is comprised of several sectors of the protective services community including former Secret Service, State Department DSS (Diplomatic Security Service), FBI, Special Ops Military and law enforcement (SWAT).

Pentagon Executive Protection Services is fully licensed and insured.

References provided upon request.

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What Service Are You Needing?*




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