Whenever you work for a man like David s Boone, you are working for the very image and embodiment of Excellence. He has been his whole life and the protection field and he is more than an expert he is what you would consider a guru of protection. This is something he has trained his fellow agents in. And whenever you hear that that might sound odd to you when you consider the fact, each of our agents are themselves coming from the absolute cream of the crop, the top of their fields in the military and Marines and Elite Los Angeles Executive Protection Companies positions held within the largest and most revered police departments in our nation. We are employing Secret Service agents. We have set release agents that there is not a skill set that they are going to Black. So if they are ever in a situation where they actually need to protect your life whether it is with a case of martial arts defensive driving weapons training and deployment. Or even simply being able to read the room, understanding the motive or every man in it before it becomes dangerous.

Because all of our agents are able to tell the difference between an overzealous protester that may cause a headache and a radical terrorist that is there to create and to implement a fatal plan. And the way that we’re going to do this it’s not at that moment or At that moment although, our agents may have to implement in order to finish our job, but we are going to make sure that we know about this Los Angeles Executive Protection Companies wrist long before we ever get to the event long before you ever step foot in a fit place for that maybe possible for this person or this organization that may have

Our fearless leader also Has a large amount of experience in every other aspect of protection there is possible he is a certified K-9 Handler certified self-defense instructor a black belt in Aikido, he has become a master at training his team members in tactical firearms in situational awareness this is how we’re able to be aware of each and every movement of a crowd and change in atmosphere before it happens. because of David are also able to train in tactical firearm procedures and operations. David knows what it is to be entered in the line of duty as he was shot during a gun battle in 1995. this is how he became forced into early retirement and how he became our leader and the private sector.

She did not take this time for granted and he has not rested or lost his head. Instead he has became a industry leader in risk management and protective operations and implementation. That is how he has been able to build one of the biggest Los Angeles executiveProtection companies. Whether it is in LA or around the world it ain’t gone as is considered the Bold standard and Los Angeles Executive Protection Companies protection. We have worked with clients of Every industry and at the highest caliber of protection And security levels. Have your team call 949-544-4661 and find more information at pentagon-us.com

Los Angeles Executive Protection Companies | Fearless Team

Our agents are part of society that does not know fear. This is hard to imagine if you have not or do not understand what this feeling is like. Because our agents have acquired so much training is so much Los Angeles Executive Protection Companies experience in their lifetimes that they no longer see fear or danger the same way that the rest of us do. This is because they have seen and looked at the in the eyes of death and challenged it to an arm wrestling match and won to walk away.

Every one of our agents has been in a line of work that is not only the most dangerous profession in the world but of the most important protection teams. the importance of a client if they have served and protected cannot be understated. The list includes names such as Toyota motor sales, where we have an agent, that is the manager of executive protection and investigations. We have protected State Department diplomats and provided Security Service as a protective agent. We have worked with and within Sony Pictures during the Grammy Awards we have been employed to protect grammy-winning recording company owners and producers. and also we have provided security for the Los Angeles Executive Protection Companies themselves. That is a very stressful night for any normal person but this is just another day at work for our ages.

Reba McEntire also employed our ages as a close protection force for the duration of her show Reba, which band for a five-year time.
We also worked as UK prime minister Jordan Brown’s protective detail for the duration of his stay in office. This of course is a protection detail that parallels our secret service and the importance of protecting our very own president. Because these are the heads of our states, these are the people that are creating and implementing policy and changing the world as we know it. If they do not have protection then we do not have law.

I’m not sure now it is time to mention that we have also been the agency that has provided protection for both President Clinton and President Bush during speaking engagements in our area. Even if we are not in the area of these two Los Angeles Executive Protection Companies presidents have both on occasion utilized our services and flown our agents to them because they know that we are the very best at what we do. We often work in Tangent with the Secret Service FBI Homeland Security Scotland Yard in order to provide protection for diplomats and Let It Go conferences that involve any number of important Congressional diplomats and members of The High Council of the UN. Oftentimes this means that the people that we are providing protection for are many of the wealthiest in the world. And this creates targets on them that otherwise would not exist. Yet for the agents within our firm this is just ano0ther day on the job. have your team call 949-544-4661 and find more information at pentagon-us.com