If you are looking for the very best in LA – protection companies, look no farther than Pentagon Protective. We are proud to say that we are considered across the board as the very highest standard in personal protection. La executive protective company tries to be like us . We have committed ourselves to being the absolute standard in our industry and our competitors know at this is why they continuously try to emulate our results and train their agents to hold up to the same standards that our agents cannot claim.

Part of the reason that we are the absolute exception in l.a. executive protection companies is that every one of our protection specialists is either currently or former law enforcement officers that have been recruited from the ranks of local state and federal agencies. Once they join our firm they continue their training and education in the latest tactics, physical protection and combat as well as Behavioral Science, body language speech interpretation and risk mitigation. These are just a few of the things that our specialty agents are trained and skilled in.

All La executive protection companies best operate at a very high level because of the High Caliber of clients that we have here in the L.A region. We offer a complimentary 1-hour security consultation. During that hour we are going to do a threat assessment to your immediate environment. There are people in your organization and within your contacts that you may want to assess their level of threat. This is something at Pentagon will be able to help you with even though many La executive protection companies do not have the proper training for skills

Our assessment techniques emulate of the United States Secret Service when it comes to Red Zone individuals our approach is fact-based assessment that does not rely on profile this is all on patterns of thinking Behavior to determine whether and to what degree an individual different poses a threat to you and your company. A point after assessing the Threat Level we will plan a defense with all which is appropriate. Making sure that there are barriers to stop any attack and that there is defensive contingency plans in place in order to protect and if it weighed any risk exposure.

We even provide K9 services in order to detect and identify explosives, narcotics, property, and other dangerous materials in your offices and in the field. We are proud to say that we have service to provide security with the U.S Secret Service during a conference attended by President Trump and President Bush. Also, several music festivals which entertain celebrities we have provided protection from the explosive sweep of US senators prior to speech. And are capable of sweeping vehicles for explosives before important client and executive travel.

Our clients’ praise our ability to be available to them when they are in need but not only that but to anticipate their needs before they come to us and express them this is what sets us apart if you can find out by calling 949-544-4661 or visit the website at pentagon-us.com

LA Executive Protection Companies | Exceptional Reliably

Our agents are proud to work at Pentagon and to be part of the LA executive protection companies in our area. There is a quality that comes with pentagon that means they are respected in The LA executive protection companies employees. They know that they work for the very best and that they are trying to execute as at the best, and they live up to this every single time. Some of the reviews that we have received make us proud to be the best in La executive protection companies. We have wonderful reviews that Proclaim that we are exceptional at making things happen when we say they’re going to happen. Also, we earned 10 out of 10 without any hesitation at that score.

Our agents are different from other La executive protection companies in the way that they are easy to deal with, and they do a great job and small amount of time and not to mention they are reasonably priced. Whenever you get the best in the industry and at a reasonable price, that is a no-brainer. And whenever you were dealing with personal protection, it is an absolute must that the agency you are dealing with is absolutely trustworthy that is why we are proud to have been reviewed as extremely trustworthy, and we will definitely use them again.

We can also say that we have worked for very noteworthy clients such as Toyota Motor Sales manager. And provided them with services of executive protection and investigations. Also, the Department Diplomatic Security Service as a protective agent. We have also worked for Sony Pictures protecting a grammy-winning record company owner and producer.

We were very proud to work with, and serve Reba McEntire as the close protection agent for the five years while she worked on her show, the Reba show. We were used as protective detail for UK prime minister Gordon Brown, also Duchess of York utilized our Service as protective detail. You will always be kept so safe and sound in all situations.

Please try to always continue to be the best in LA executive protection companies. this is why our founder continues to redefine the skills that our team obtain and train in and expanding into first studies of Behavioral Sciences in order to enhance their weariness of Agents so they may better serve our clients. He collaborated with a psychologist with a background in reading people and deception detection. To read facial expressions body language voice verbal style and statement analyst. he is also a certified trainer in Dr. Ekman’s, the Ekman Group programs.

To do this work he has personally provided training to the Pentagon protective detail agents, law enforcement security personnel, private investigators and attorneys. this is a service that he did for several years and learned many Skills that he brings to Pentagon. Call us at 949-544-4661 or come to the website Pentagon-us.com