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Pentagon Executive Protection Services

David S. Boone has been an active executive protection agent and private investigator since his retirement from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department due to an on duty shooting in December of 1995. After leaving law enforcement, David began his private sector work as an investigator working surveillance and covert operations cases for a private investigation company, but quickly advanced to Operations Manager after a few short months.

David found that his true passion was protection work and began working as an Executive Protection agent in the Los Angeles area. David was initially assigned to contract with Interscope Records in Los Angeles where he was one of 4 agents assigned to protect CEO Jimmy Iovine and executive staff. David was quickly recruited by another record company CEO that was working with Interscope Records to work as his Head of Security. David was in charge of a 5 man detail, which covered the CEO’s office, home and travel on a 24 hour basis. The record company CEO had several acts and tour security was also handled for a few acts.

David was recruited a year later by IPSA International, an international Executive Protection and Investigation corporation that included clients as large as Ebay, Microsoft, Toyota Motor Sales, Tickets.com and several other fortune 500 companies. David was assigned the southern California region and handled several executive protection details as well as numerous corporate investigations for these clients, which included terrorist threats on executive staff, employment theft, asset protection and fraud.

David resigned from IPSA International after a little over 2 years after the parent company was sold and the management structure changed. David was immediately recruited and hired by Toyota Motor Sales USA corporate headquarters in Torrance, CA, which had been one of his clients while working with IPSA International. David was hired as the Executive Protection Manager as well as Manager of Investigations. David was in charge of executive protection for the President of Toyota Motor Sales USA as well as 3 key executives including their homes, travel and office. David was also in charge of the executive protection of Japanese executives when visiting the United States until their departure back to Japan. David handled numerous executive protection details both domestically and internationally during his employment with Toyota Motor Sales USA.

David formed Pentagon Protective and Investigative Services Inc. in April of 2000, which was later changed to Pentagon Executive Protection Services after seeing the need to have separate companies for both Executive Protection and Investigation services. Due to David’s success in the Executive Protection field his company was an immediate success and his company was contracted by former and new clients to provide services in this area. David recruited agents to work for him from federal and state law enforcement agencies including the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, LAPD, US Secret Service and the Secretary of State Diplomatic Security Services to name a few. After having such a successful year with Pentagon, David decided to leave Toyota Motor Sales USA in 2001 to run Pentagon full time.

For the last 20+ years, David and his team have been involved with several executive protection assignments for celebrity, corporate and governmental clients. David was also one of the first private sector executive protection agents to be recruited and given federal protection powers by the Secretary of State Diplomatic Security Service while engaged in the protection of the Turkish Consul General stationed in Los Angeles. David was also issued a “Secret” clearance by the US State Department. David remained on the detail for one year and then accepted another assignment. Due to some clients requiring an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement), some client names can’t be disclosed.

David has had an extensive background in not only personal Protective Services, but also the systems and choreography of security for large events. David and his team have been contracted to work several high level security events including the Academy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, Emmys and the Grammy Awards, just to name a few.

In addition to handling Executive Protection details for short term assignments and events, David and his team have also handled:

  • The personal protection of Reba McEntire during her television show “Reba”, which ran from 2001 – 2007 at the Fox Studios in Century City, CA.
  • Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, during a brief visit in Los Angeles in 2007.
  • Thomas Kinkade, famous “Painter of Light” from 2010 up until his untimely death in 2012
  • Faith Hill and Tim Mcgraw security support for Grammy Awards visit
  • VIP security for Saudi executives
  • Ongoing Executive Protection for executives for an asset management company based in Newport Beach, CA (2003-present)


David has also continued his education in security procedures and best practices by staying informed of changes and new ideas centered around improving executive protection agents training and the field in general. In 2009, David began studying the research and science of Dr. Paul Ekman, a renowned psychologist who is famous for his work in the study of deception detection and reading others through the communication channels used by all human beings. Dr. Ekman identified 5 channels of communication; 1) Facial Expression, 2) Body language, 3) Voice, 4) Verbal Style and 5) Verbal Content. David took a program developed by Dr. Ekman that had been initially only provided to federal government agencies (FBI, CIA, ATF, ICE) and did extremely well. David was later offered to become a trainer for this program and trained hundreds of law enforcement participants as well as attorneys, private investigators and executive protection agents. David’s team is also trained in this skill set in order to read people quickly during protective services operations, enhancing client safety and making Pentagon Executive Protection Services unique.